Headache Relief

Headaches.... there may be help for your suffering

Headaches are generally classified into several basic types:  Sinus, Cluster, Tension and Migraine.  While headaches are typically treated by your physician, an imbalance in the relation of our lower jaw to our upper jaw and skull can play a significant role in certain types of headaches and other head and neck pain.

Headaches and your bite:

The muscles of the temple area play a significant role in the posturing and closing of your jaw.  The position of our teeth are the stopping point for the muscles and jaw.  When our bite position causes an imbalance with our head and neck muscles,  overuse and fatigue develop.    Chronic overuse to position our jaw can lead to poor circulation and accumulation of waste products of metabolism.  The result can be pain ( headache).

Determining if the bite is the cause:

As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr Sudikoff is trained in the use of electromyography.  This allows her to objectively evaluate the state of these muscles and various other factors that may be affecting your bite.  Based on this and other information obtained from physical examination, Dr Sudikoff  can rule in or rule out your bite as a possible cause of headache pain with a high degree of confidence.  

Dental treatment of Headaches:

If the indications are that your muscles are not calm in your current bite,  Dr Sudikoff may recommend an appliance called an orthotic or mandibular re-positioning device.  This removable appliance is worn over the lower teeth to adjust your bite to a correct relationship balancing the lower jaw and the head and neck muscles.   Depending on the severity of your headaches,  treatment phases and timelines vary anywhere from 3-6 months.   

Dr Sudikoff has helped many patients suffering from different types of headaches and migraines.  Click on the link below to see how Dr Sudikoff and neuromuscular dentistry helped Josh and his cluster headaches.  

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